Every vertical farming skeptic should read this

Every person skeptical of vertical farming should read this article

People don’t seem to get it yet just how explosive this industry is.  I’m not here claiming vertical farming is the next gold rush where you’re going to make your millions, but more and more is possible thanks to advances made every day.


I think that vertical farming is going to change how people think about food, food production, and resiliency in our food systems.  It’s going to produce more food than any other type of agriculture and it’s going to help us solve some of our greatest environmental challenges.  I’m going to address the skeptics myself in another post, but a recent article by FastCo (unintentionally) made a pretty good start. This quote from the article starts off talking about the MIT CityFarm project, but goes on to include different philosophies pushing vertical farming forward:

And City Farm, Harper said, is trying to be the Linux of the vertical urban farm world.

“We’re creating an OS that is open to the world,” he said. “That will allow us to scale up faster.”

If City Farm wants to be Linux, Green Sense would be happy to become the Windows of vertical urban farming. “Our number one goal is to be profitable,” Colangelo said. “We’re not doing this to solve world hunger—we’re doing this to be a commercially viable farm.”

You read that right.  These farms are on a path to profit.  You might just want to check the rest out yourself, and you can do that here.

By the way…

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