Energy Positive in the New Year

Though the New Year is fast approaching, a look back at May of this year saw almost every environmental site out there talking about the same thing.  And that thing was Powerhouse Kjørbo.  In case you missed it then, it’s an energy positive refurbished office building.

Check out the video here:

So what’s the big deal with an “energy positive” building?  Essentially, the building goes beyond net-zero energy use and actually will produce enough energy over its lifetime to compensate for the energy used in its construction.  It’s the first building of its kind to do so.

While Powerhouse Kjørbo is unique in design and concept, the principles used here can be applied to other venues, such as, you guessed it, vertical farms.

A rendering of the the building before it was finished

A rendering of the the building before it was finished

For a detailed look at those principles and building stats, you can play around at this link here, but here are some highlights below:

  • Refurbishing an office building allowed them to save on both construction costs, as well as disposing of waste materials.  The Plant did something similar and many studies have highlighted how insanely effective this strategy is at reducing a project’s energy use.
  • Breakthroughs in photovoltaic technology allowed for a transparent exterior solar screening consists of a black zip screen.  Other facade modifications, like replacing glass with burnt aspen, improve building insulation and reduce the lifetime carbon cost of materials, much the same a green roof or facade would.
  • Though Powerhouse Kjørbo does not do this, imagine if it had a renewable source of organic fuel?  For instance, growing crops within the building could fuel an anaerobic digester, contributing even more to the energy positive mission.  A vertical farm would excel here.

How else might this technology and type of thinking improve vertical farms?

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