5 New Vertical Farming Articles January 9

Pro Vertical Farm wanted to start something new to kick off the new year, so we’ve compiled our 5 favorite vertical farming articles we came across this week.  Let us know what you think by signing up for our list, where you’ll also get exclusive content and notifications, and dropping us a line.

4 Tech Trends That Will Define 2015, Selected By Frog

5 January, Co. Design
While 2015 might be the year that culinary 3-D printers go mainstream, it’s also the year that hydroponics and aquaponics will start capturing the same buzz as Makerbots.

kids hydroponic

Underground and on rooftops, farms set roots in big cities

8 January, Reuters
Urban farming efforts from London to India and why it matters internationally.

Aquaponics: A sustainable solution

8 January, Castlegar News
In today’s society where population growth is rampant and living standards are on the rise globally, there is a subsequent demand for more food to feed the growing population. In the past we’ve met this demand with more output from industrial farm operations. However there is a move afoot to steer away from the factory farm and towards local, sustainably grown food.


A Simple Floating Greenhouse

31 December, Jetson Green
Studiomobile, an Italian design firm, has joined forces with Stefano Mancuso, a professor at the University of Florence and the director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology, in an effort to create a prototype floating greenhouse. The main aim of the project is improving food security for people living in areas with little arable land, though the usefulness of this greenhouse goes much farther.

Organic farming can feed the world if done right, scientists claim

10 December, The Independent
Organic farming is much more productive than previously thought, according to a new analysis of agricultural studies that challenges the conventional “biased” view that pesticide-free agriculture cannot feed the world.


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