5 New Vertical Farming Articles January 16

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Check out 5 new vertical farming news pieces that came across our radar this week.

Vertical farms: “Making nature better”

Dean Reynolds, CBS News

They’re called “vertical farms” — The entire operation is indoors, and it’s a trend that could turn urban areas into agricultural hotbeds.


The future of farming: Clinton, Readington school teams vie in regional contest

Christine Lee, True New Jersey

Teams from Clinton Public School and Readington Middle School are among 29 finalists in a regional competition to develop sustainable agriculture solutions for growing food in the future. The contest takes place on Saturday, Jan. 17, at Rutgers University.

Breeding flies and edible plastic: the kitchen of the future

Rich McEachran, The Guardian

Not quite vertical farming, but has the kitchen of the future will be full of cutlery that cleans itself, Willy Wonka-style food pills and edible packaging, according to forecasting agency Trendstop.  To us, the future kitchen is going to use a lot of the concepts of vertical farming!

future kitchen

Medical Marijuana Update: Abattis-Affinor legal update, FITX gets even nuttier

Chris Parry, Stock House

For the uninitiated, Brusatore licensed his Vertical Designs Ltd vertical farming technology to Abattis Bioceuticals (CSE:C.ATT, Stock Forum) way back when the green rush was just beginning. VDL had emerged as a Brusatore vehicle after he departed from TerraSphere, where he invented that company’s first forays into vertical growing.

Aquaponics: A sustainable solution

David Greaves and Kelly Skaug, Castlegar News

In today’s society where population growth is rampant and living standards are on the rise globally, there is a subsequent demand for more food to feed the growing population. In the past we’ve met this demand with more output from industrial farm operations. However there is a move afoot to steer away from the factory farm and towards local, sustainably grown food.

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