5 New Vertical Farming Articles January 23

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This series is getting hot!  A lot of people have been checking out these articles and there’s some good ones this week, including:


From urban aquaponics to fruit jerky: meet London’s green entrepreneurs

Tim Smedley, The Guardian

On the roof of an old shopping centre in Stratford, east London, stands a shipping container. Within it, a tank the size of a hot tub is full of water and hundreds of small, edible fish. On the top, a specially adapted greenhouse grows salad greens and micro-herbs in tightly stacked, vertical columns. Water is pumped from the bottom to the top before slowly dripping down tall plastic tubes, directly feeding diluted fish droppings to the roots of the plants enmeshed within.

Seniors and Vertical Farming, Together at Last

Meaghan Agnew, Modern Farmer

Much of the dialogue surrounding the future of agriculture laments farming’s aging demographic. But SPARK, a global architectural firm, has proposed a “living and farming typology” that marries innovative growing initiatives with the over-55 set.

Urban farming in Tijuana for deportees

Sandra Dibble, UT San Diego

(More urban than vertical, but check it out) It was an act of civil disobedience, carried out on federal land off a busy Tijuana thoroughfare in broad daylight. For hours on Saturday, volunteers built boxes, carted dirt and planted seedlings in what organizers say is the first step in an urban farming project aimed at addressing the issue of homeless U.S. deportees.

tijuana farming

Let’s fix fertilizer runoff

Evan Bromfield, Urban Vertical Project

(Is it cheating putting this here? Not sure, but read it!) Let’s make this simple; conventional agriculture has big problems.  Vertical farming is here to make them better.  Here’s one to think about.  This past summer 400,000 residents in Ohio and Michigan went without safe drinking water because of a toxic algae bloom in Lake Eerie.

Students envision future cities with skyscraper farms

Doug Donnovan, Baltimore Sun

Middle school students from Maryland, Virginia and Washington gathered Saturday in Baltimore to present their visions of future cities capable of feeding themselves with urban farms.

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