5 New Vertical Farming Articles to Start a Happy February!

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A little late this go around, but still some great stuff.  Check out all the press Mirai Co. is getting and see why they are fast becoming my premier example for showing people vertical farms can work.

mirai photo

World’s Largest ‘Vegetable Factory’ Revolutionizes Indoor Farming

Cole Mellino, EcoWatch

Indoor vertical farming is often derided as a pipe dream and completely infeasible on a commercial scale, but Shigeharu Shimamura’s farm proves that indoor farming is not only possible, but profitable. Shimamura started Mirai, an indoor farming company in 2004. When the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, sparking the Fukushima nuclear disaster and causing food shortages, Shimamura seized the opportunity to turn an abandoned, semiconductor factory into what is now the world’s biggest indoor farm.

World’s Largest Indoor Farm In Japan Produces 100 Times More Food Than Other Farms [Video]


When it comes to farming, there is no better time than now to get into the field. Thanks to technological advances ushered in by the green movement, farming has evolved from a traditional means to sustain a personal living to a science with the potential to feed millions. The Inquisitr previously reported on how technology-assisted farming has become a blessing to others. Former NFL football player, Jason Brown, watched DIY videos on Youtube to learn how to grow 46,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and 10,000 pounds of cucumbers, which he donated to pantries and kitchens. In Irvine, California, an entire park was transformed into a garden that uses advanced growing methods to grow enough food to feed 200,000 people every single month!

What agri-innovations mean for a new crop of farmers

Carolyn Henegahn, Food Dive

(This article talks about how, among other things, vertical farming is a fascination for the next generation of farmers) It’s all too common for consumers to not consider where the foods they browse at the grocery store come from. Even less thought about are the research projects and innovations needed to get them there, and what the state of agriculture actually is.


Kids compete to build the city of the future

Jon Parton, The Collegian

This is the 11th year the regional competition has been held. This year’s contest theme was “Feeding Future Cities: Create a Futuristic Solution to Growing Crops in Urban Settings.” Jeff Sims, media coordinator for the event, said the winning team will travel to the national competition in Washington, D.C. in February.

First greenhouse for aquaponics in Germany

Certhon PR

The first greenhouse which Certhon has completed this year, is a very special one. In cooperation with project partner Exner Grüne Technik, a greenhouse has been realized for aquaponics. The first part of the greenhouse is suited for fish production, while another part has been equipped for the production of vegetables.

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