5 New Vertical Farming Articles February 8

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Ready for another great round of vertical farming articles?  Check them out below.

priva and UrbanFarmers

Priva and UrbanFarmers to build rooftop farm on former Philips factory

Horti Daily

In a prominent landmark building in The Hague, a former Philips factory, UrbanFarmers is developing a multi-story urban farming enterprise called UF De Schilde. On the roof of the building a greenhouse will arise, while inside a fish farm and high-tech growing facility will be realized.

Ag budget request similar to previous years

Feed Stuffs

The Budget also funds a new competitive grant program at land-grant institutions that will address critical food and agricultural challenges at regional and national scales. Additional funding for in-house research will focus on adaptation areas such as to climate change vulnerability and resilience, sustainable small farms, vertical farming, improving pollinator health, combating antimicrobial resistance, and increasing the speed and effectiveness of crop and animal breeding.

Canada: Intelligent automation at Ontario Plants Propagation Ltd

Horti Daily

Growing production and increasing labour costs were the impetus behind Ontario Plants moving from a manual to an automated situation. In 2011, a grading line for young plants was installed and a year later the choice fell on a Wetting line for rockwool blocks.

USDA to cut off farm subsidies to city slickers

Bill Tomson, Politico

(I wonder how this will affect actual urban farmers?) The Agriculture Department is getting ready to tell a lot of people who’ve been getting farm subsidy checks without lifting a hay bale, swinging a pitch fork or driving a tractor that they’re cut off.

Tom Vilsack

 My Dad Built His First Hydroponic System

Evan Bromfield, Urban Vertical Project

Did you know you could build your own hydroponic system for less than $100?

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