5 New Vertical Farming Articles February 13

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Friday the 13th!  I heard reading vertical farming articles protects you from bad luck.

5 New

How ‘organic’ are vegetables when they’re grown in hydroponic greenhouses?

Joel Banner Baird, Burlington Free Press

(An old article but one that’s really important for the subject) All organic tomatoes are not created equal. Yet in most cases, no label informs us how the fruits’ roots deliver the goods to what we recognize as a vegetable. Does it matter? To some soil-based farmers and their customers: a lot.

Feeding the future will require new foods, efficient practices

Erica Quinlan, Agri News

Faculty and students at the horticulture department at Purdue University hit the ground running with a list of goals, projects and research prospects for the new year.

US & Canada: Plant factories continue to evolve

David Kuack, Hort Americas

As technology improves, plant factories have the potential to operate in the U.S. and Canada to produce crops that are difficult to grow using current conventional methods.

John Schueller, Univ. of Fla.

Revolutionary Vertical Growing System Saves 80% of Water and Grows 30% Faster

Soilless Magazine

(More of a marketing promo than a news article, but still an interesting concept) PyramidGarden is a 4ftx4ftx4ft high pyramid shaped aeroponic growing system that grows a multitude of vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants.

Living Furniture: How the aquaponic table came to be

Evan Bromfield, Urban Vertical Project

Not many people can say that they turned a conversation from a furniture trade show and a failed Kickstarter into a beautiful symphony of aquaponics and interior design. “I want to use the nonverbal, but very communicative, power of design to inspire people to think differently about the food system,” says Dustin Betz, founder of Green Towers LLC.


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