Vertical Farms on Earth Day

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It’s a rule, any tangentially green websites have to have new content on Earth Day.  Here’s mine.

  • What the District of Columbia has accomplished
  • Is Earth Day what it used to be? Does it matter?Happy

First, thanks to Josh Mahan for letting me use the above drawing – I love the design work he does and you can check it out at

This Earth Day, I’m incredibly excited for what the local DC government has accomplished as part of their Sustainable DC program. It’s important for our nation’s capital to set an example for more resilient cities. It’s only a matter of time before they realize vertical farms will be a part of those cities. The growth in community gardens and the new Homesteading Act that gives tax breaks to landowners who push their land towards urban food production are both hopeful signals that legislation is moving in that direction.

Sustainable DC made this great infographic showcasing their current accomplishments.

sustainable dc progress report

The last thing I wanted to talk about was this piece in today’s Washington Post:

Would Earth Day’s creator have celebrated this Earth Day?

The article brings up the interesting and slightly uncomfortable history of Earth Day and how it fits into the larger environmental movement. Knowing about that movement (and how no new meaningful environmental legislation has been passed in the last 20 years) is important for anyone in the business of building a better future, but perhaps the most important message is hidden in the very last paragraph. “The danger is we let ourselves be happy with gestures rather than substance.”

Very true…so let’s build some vertical farms and start fixing our food systems!

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