5 New Vertical Farming Articles April 24

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Earth Day, California water woes, and new personal vertical systems – all right here on the Urban Vertical Project.

5 New Blue

Vertical Farming at Milan 2015 


Vertical farming – from vision to reality at the Milan 2015 Expo! #design #wlam2015 #verticalfarming

expo milan 2015

This Indoor Farm Can Bring Fresh Produce to Food Deserts


ALMONDS GOT THE brunt of the bad press, but they hardly deserve all the blame for California’s water woes. Sure, it’s worth considering how to minimize your water footprint, and forgoing your daily handful of almonds in solidarity with the parched earth couldn’t hurt. But considering how widespread the water crisis is, and the fact that agriculture is responsible for 80 percent of the country’s water consumption, the more crucial question to be asking now—particularly on Earth Day—is what can be done to fundamentally change the way our food gets made?

Vertical Farms on Earth Day

Urban Vertical Project

It’s a rule, any tangentially green websites have to have new content on Earth Day.  Here’s mine.

sahara vertical farm

A Vertical City in the Sahara?

Discovery News

In what is surely the most resolutely optimistic architectural proposal of the year so far, French firm OXO Architectes has put forth a plan to build a city in the Sahara desert. A vertical city. That looks like a rock.


Powerhouse Hydroponics

After shockingly low snowpack measurements in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) announced strict water restrictions on businesses, residents, and farms. His executive order aims to curb water usage by 25 percent; a good thing, considering mountain snowpack runoff usually accounts for 30 percent of the state’s water supply. However, in a season where snowpack was below ten percent, that source of water won’t be there.

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