5 New Vertical Farming Articles May 3

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So much is happening with vertical farming. Luckily, you know to tune in right here to find it all out. Check out developments at the World’s Fair, new LED systems, and more.

5 New

Vertical farms, smart ceilings and national pride at the world fair


Expo Milano is a makeshift city studded with spectacular pavilions. In an attempt to outshine each other at the world fair, which opens today, 143 countries brought in their A-list teams of architects, innovators and culinary experts to design their temporary buildings. The UK built a beehive structure that’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. China has an elaborate floating roof. Italy used air-purifying cement for its palazzo. And while theUS pavilion isn’t an architectural extravaganza, it’s a didactic display with a giant automated vertical farm that’s the first of its kind and size.

crazy wall

AeroFarms: Work starts to build world’s largest vertical urban farm in Newark

The Independent

Right now, the site of the former Grammer, Dempsey and Hudson steel plant in the city of Newark is a place in motion.

Some of the old structures have already been pulled down and teams are setting about an urban overhaul that is seeing $39m injected into a project to grow and produce food by means of aeroponics technology.

Vertical Designs to Build LED Lighting System for Vertical Farming

Azo Optics

Vertical Designs Ltd. a privately owned company that designs, builds and patents innovative, fully sustainable and complete vertical growing solutions, announced today plans to build an exclusive LED lighting system for global use in vertical farming and other indoor agricultural growing systems.

Feeding Tomorrow’s Billions: Lab-Grown Meat Products, Vertical Farms, AI-Designed Recipes, and More

Singularity Hub

Food and agriculture accounts for about 5.9% of the global GDP. Global food retail sales alone account for about $4 trillion/year, and food accounts for 15% of what American households spend each year.

At Expo 2015, USA Pavilion offers ample food for thought

Mother Nature Network

Tomorrow, the latest iteration of the world exposition — that strange and exotic hybrid of a state fair, Epcot and an irregular Olympic Games, minus the athletics but not necessarily the corruption — will commence in Milan, Italy, where it will run for a six-month “semester” before wrapping up on Oct. 31.

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