Virtual Vertical Farming (and we’re not talking about the internet of food)

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What do vertical farms have to do with video games? Maybe not too much, but there is one new tantalizing little crossover that has me excited, and I don’t even play video games!

Shoot That Vertical Farm NOW

The Call of Duty franchise made Tech Times’ list of 15 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time twice and the newest iteration is set to have both vertical farming and green roofs. But why am I talking about this? Besides the fact that I thought it was fun to make the above image (a screen shot from the game where the characters are making their way through a vertical farm research facility), I think it’s important to talk about pop-culture cross overs.

From President Obama advertising his campaign in video games to video games beating out movies for top selling entertainment items ever games have sway in our culture. That cultural significance is important for anyone interested in vertical farming. It’s still a nascent industry- and as the bankruptcy of farms like Alterrus’ experiment in Canada show us, still fragile – and anything that get’s it in the mind of a wider audience is going to ease acceptance of this revolution in food production.

Let’s face it; vertical farming is very different than the rolling fields of corn, soy, and wheat most people fill their imaginations with when thinking about “a farm.” It might be a bit much to handle for some – they might think it’s unnatural or doomed to fail. We’ve looked a lot at why that’s not the case, but anything that’s going to speed adoption is worth pointing out, and that’s especially true for a crossover as unique as this.


So what exactly is the vertical farming tie-in for this new Call of Duty (Call of Duty Black Ops III)? There are two new maps and each of those maps have striking similarities with how the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) research that drives projects like vertical farming is actually playing out (source):

Combine: set in the Egyptian Sahara, on a vertical farming and sustainability research facility.

Evac: is an abandoned emergency evacuation zone set on an overgrown rooftop in the middle of Singapore’s flooded quarantine zone.

Combine reminds me of this desert CEA facility we talked about here and EVAC calls out to Singapore, home of the first vertical farm showdown.

With that in mind, I might have to find somebody with a system to give this game a try! And I guess I kind of lied about not being into video games…I spent a day at my buddies house in Chicago playing way too much Mortal Kombat.

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