New social media tool to rework your boring images

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I know some of you are aghast: clutching your heads and reeling because this is the second post in a row where I haven’t written exclusively about vertical farming. Stay tuned, I have one of my most insightful case studies yet already drafted and in the final stages, but right now I want to show you this cool site I found and share this image I made off of it.

vertical farm collage

This is a collage of a vertical farm rendering (original below) made up of images pulled from Instagram photos with the hashtag #buildings. The farm itself is a concept for Singapore that was 2013’s winner of Pomeroy Studio’s Design for A Sustainable Future Award (DSFA) by Matthew Humphreys.

Don’t kid yourself (or flatter me), I definitely didn’t make this unassisted. Pazzla is the cool tool that pulled it all together and here’s the original link to the piece. You can hover over the individual images and see a large version of the original picture.

The structure is a wooden skyscraper and a perfect example of building integrated agriculture. Building integrated agriculture is the idea that we can enhance structures, whether people live there or work there, with productive agricultural elements. I’ll have more on this later, as I have no problem saying right now that I think this is the epitome of vertical farming (not necessarily in skyscraper form), but I wanted to make sure to start defining the term more and more.

Interesting aside: I tried to make this with the hashtag #verticalfarming but there weren’t enough images on Instagram to fill the frame. Let’s get some more up!

Vertical farming is in the concept stage right now. As such, architects are free to flex their creative muscle with some fantastic stuff. Visually driven, vertical farming concepts have been key in snagging public interest and getting it some attention. More attention means more curiosity and that’s key in pushing the industry forward.

So, I’m sharing this tool with you – make something cool, get vertical farming some more attention, and rework your boring images!

architectural masterpiece

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