This Is Your Dream Tree House

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We can make urban spaces beautiful and biophilic. We can bring nature and agriculture to our cities to create a new strain of urban agroecology. And now we just might have some examples of what that might look like.

Dream Tree House

While this tree house might not be optimized for agricultural production, it’s a step in the right direction. By showing people that designs like this are possible, it puts building integrated agriculture and vertical farms that much more in the realm of possibility.

Finished in 2012, this residential complex sits in an Italian suburb; a testament to the combined possibilities of natural and urban landscapes. It’s not just aesthetically beautiful either. It’s practically important as well. The trees on the building and the surrounding flora absorb approximately 200, 000 litres of carbon dioxide every hour.

Credit where credit is due: “Luciano Pia has made our childhood dreams come true. With his design of not just a treehouse, but a residential complex decorated with one hundred and fifty trees – is this the first true scale residential treehouse?” Check out where I originally saw this here.

residential treehouse 1 residential treehouse 3

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