New Vertical Farming Crop: 200 Tonnes of Crabs

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As Spread factory pops 21,000 heads of lettuce out of its farm each day, we’re still looking for an answer to how vertical farms will supply more calorie dense food. While some envision potatoes, tomatoes, and rice as an eventual possibility, one entrepreneur in Sri Lanka is experimenting with something even better. In our second look at sea farming in the past few weeks,¬†Seafood supplier Gills ‘N’ Claws Aquaculture is awaiting approval to do crab farming in a vertical farm in Neo Tiew Lane, specialising in Sri Lankan mud crabs.

Vertical Farming

From the article:

This system, the brainchild of Mr Suresh, took over two years to research and develop.

“Mud crabs are territorial and carnivorous. In 1 sq m, the advised stocking density is only three crabs,” he said. The same space in a vertical farm, he added, can house more than 30.

He added that a vertical farm could eventually lower the cost of Sri Lankan mud crabs, which are an expensive variety favoured for their larger claws.

Most of the crabs eaten here are imported. They can cost more than $30 a kg from wholesalers. Mr Suresh plans to sell his at $26 a kg.

While this system raises questions about concentrated animal feed operations and what exactly constitutes a vertical farm (is it a buzz word just getting tossed around because it has a good media hook?), it’s still amazing to see the this technology expand.

Read the whole original article here. Here’s another.


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