Hydroponics Progress Pictures

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We’ve been building out the garage this past week and progress is already huge. I’m essentially turning half of my garage into a proof of concept for a hydroponic vertical farm. I’m at the very beginning: easy 2×4 framing with drywall, batt insulation (not all up yet in the pictures), and a layer of foam board on top of that. Click through to see the pictures of where we are!

garage to grow house progress pictures turning a garage into a vertical farm




After (outside)


After (inside)

Clearly there is still a lot left to do:


  • paint the inside
  • finish insulating
  • install the doors
  • set up the actual growing equipment (including the ventilation system)
  • and probably 10 other things I’m forgetting right now

But this is a great start. As soon as I finish writing the check, I’ll let you know how much it cost and dive a little deeper into some of my feedback on the process.

If you’re just checking out this project now and want to circle back to the beginning check out the initial announcement: How much does a vertical farm cost? Maybe my farm can help you guess.


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