Pop-Up Aquaponics In The Mall

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Check out this pop-up aquaponics farm in a shopping mall in the Netherlands by Stadsfarm.

pop up aquaponics in a mall stadfarm

“Stadsfarm (translated: cityfarm) is my way of showing people that farming can be done in a city” says Stadsfarm owner Antoine (last name omitted). If we were to abandon malls for vertical farms (link to a very positively received article about that topic), where would we start?

Abandoning Malls

The conclusion of the above piece was that it probably makes sense to convert these abandoned spaces to productive farming close to places of consumption. That starting point might look something like Stadsfarm.

“One of the projects was a pop up farm in an empty store,” explains Antoine. “[One] of the setups was an IBC aquaponics system, with rafts and hanging bottle systems. I got beans, lettuce and kale growing.”

Check out some of the pictures below for how the farm was setup and here’s a quick piece on how-to grow in bottle towers similar to the ones below.

net pots in rafts for hydroponicsbottle towers for aquaponics

“For now it was a show case,” Antoine says. For those unfamiliar with pop-up businesses, they are enterprises setup for a brief amount of time to test an idea or take advantage of a trend. Antoine’s seemed more like a test. He finished our brief conversation by saying that he wants to continue this project “hopefully next year on a more structural base.”

Check out the website Antoine put together for Stadsfarm here.

aquaponics hydroponics in a mall

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