Hydroponics Puzzle

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Anyone who has puzzled their hydroponics systems from a maze of reservoirs and pipes into existence has learned about water flow. Here’s a quick little brain teaser to put that knowledge to the test. I’ll put a bonus question at the bottom of this post too if this one is too easy, and a quick little summary of what we’ve been up to at Rosemont.

hydroponics puzzle

So, did you figure it out? I’ll let you know what we’ve been doing at Rosemont while you think a little more and end this section with the answer.

First, we made it to the quarter final round of a new venture competition hosted by George Washington University. The competition has had us busy making teaser videos and has forced us to put into words the hypotheses that we had been operating on that had gotten us this far.

When we first started, we kind of discarded the idea of a business plan – we knew we would have to be flexible and adapt to our opportunities rather than spending a bunch of time coming up with a perfect strategy and then trying to force that strategy’s execution. With feedback from our customers on our minimally viable products (ie. people were so interested in what we were doing that they came to us, with 0 marketing, and asked what we could do for them) like lettuce, basil, and seedlings, we could learn more about our opportunities and then put that knowledge into a business plan.

[Here’s another take on business planning in vertical farming]

But this contest was designed with the idea of an iterative business in mind from the beginning. In other words, instead of having us come up with a rigid business plan, they asked us to sketch one out (see “business model canvas”) knowing it would evolve with our business. We loved that and we loved their approach, so we’ve been working hard and learning a lot to compete.

I’ve also been invited to give a presentation at the World Bank. That’s not quite finalized yet so I don’t want to talk too much about it, but it’s taken a lot of preparation to even get my foot in the door there, so that has split my focus as well.

All of that is to say, apologies for not posting more frequently, but we’re still rocking.

Ok, ready for the answer?

It’s #5 because the pipe leading to #2 is blocked. Silly right? Well, here’s the bonus: if that blockage wasn’t there, which number would fill up first? I’ll let people know the answer on the mailing list (so sign up here!) but feel free to post your best guess in the comments below.



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