Building-Integrated Forests in China

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Bosco Verticale’s designer envisions a China with homes and hotels decked from top to toe in a verdant blaze of shrubbery and plant life; a breath of fresh air for metropolises that are choking on a toxic diet of fumes and dust. In short, he wants to grow forests in buildings.

forest skycraper

I love the vision of this project. We’ve talked about building-integrated agriculture before and I think that this is more in line with the future of vertical farming than dedicated greenhouse skyscrapers. However, we’ve also talked about designers and architects who are unrealistic with their ideas to make vertical farming renderings a reality (here’s another cool one). Stefano Boeri at least has a track record, but is it enough to support some of Nanjing’s Green Tower’s claims? What do you think the future of this project is? And remember, similar things do exist… but is it really practical?

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