Aquaponics At Home [FAO Small-Medium Sized Aquaponics Guide]

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Wow, I wish I’d seen this free guide before I started my farm. Although I’m focusing on hydroponics not aquaponics, reading this would have saved me a lot of time on system design. Check it out.

small scale aquaponic food production

As you know, we’ve been tangentially covering aquaponics since this site started (check out this how to for aquaponics in your living room and the first certified aquaponics farm).

In farming, biology should trump technology if sustainability is the real goal (and not just a buzzword to market the project). What I mean by that is reducing your reliance on technological inputs and processes in favor of biological ones will reduce  your cost of inputs (which is why we use compost in our hydroponics process) and reduce your startup costs by designing a system not overly reliant on marginally beneficial gadgets. Aquaponics is a perfect example of this thought process, even if I’m not convinced it’s commercially viable for the type of project we’re creating at Rosemont (please note that disclaimer before responding in the comments…).

This comes back to the idea that vertical farming is an approach, not a technique. It’s about thinking how to take advantage of cubic feet in a growing operation, and that’s going to involve a lot of different strategies depending on the situation of you, the farmer. That’s why absorbing information from texts like these is important: good ideas can come from anywhere to supplement your approach. I think this report in particular is very good for people interested in aquaponics home systems.

At least have a look through the table of contents. What I’m most excited about is:

  • the applications/infrastructure reduction of using an air lift (my head height might be too high)
  • their take on DWC systems (remember we’re doing shallow water culture for stackability reasons…)
  • what they have to say about pest control


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Totally free and totally groovy, so give this a click if you’re interested.

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