Local Startup Debuts Gourmet Greens

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It’s cool to be on the receiving end of some good press instead of publishing it. Check out this write up featuring my farm by the City of Frederick.

rosemont horticultural Frederick, MD startup hydroponics vertical farm

Original story

“For local entrepreneur Evan Bromfield, Frederick Restaurant Week was the perfect opportunity to launch his gourmet greens locally. Over the last several months, Bromfield has been perfecting his vertical hydroponics farm, Rosemont Horticulture. The business has been selling starter plants and other greens to a distributor in D.C., and select herbs are sourced to a pizzeria. Last week, his product made its debut in Frederick when a few pounds of his lettuce were incorporated into Red Horse’s Frederick Restaurant Week menu.

Locally, “Red Horse is the first restaurant we worked with,” said Bromfield. “They used our greens for Restaurant Week in a blackened tuna salad.”

Rosemont Horticulture started with a variety of greens and microgreens, and the company is shifting its products to suit customers’ tastes. Basil and lettuce are popular sellers, according to Bromfield, and the company is planning to accommodate the demand.

Bromfield sees the growth potential for his business. “All is going well, and we’ve been selling small quantities for a few months,” he said. “We’re doing a quick pause to build out some more shelving etc., but we’ll be in full swing April or May.”

Frederick’s reputation as a dining destination has grown over the years, paving the way for local products like his to find their way onto menus.”





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