The Vertical Farming Summit

A lot of people ask me for recommendations for good places to start learning about vertical farming. Well, a bunch of industry leaders got together to put on this digital summit and I think it just might be the answer.

vertical farming summit


The summit launches June 16, and continues free through the 25th and is available to watch here. If you missed that window or want to watch the talks again later, you can do that by buying an all-access pass for just $47. As a featured speaker, this summit is the first time I’ll be sharing my full financials for my farm and the pitch I used to get into the semi-finals of a startup venture competition, so I’m pretty excited!

Here’s what else you’ll learn during the summit:

  • A methodology for developing your vertical farming business and planning for success.
  • Lessons on building a mission driven, venture backed startup around fresh food.
  • Creative new forms of distribution for gourmet plants and mushrooms.
  • How to use crop data to unlock higher profits.
  • How to turn waste into opportunity and using organics in hydroponic systems
  • How to turn your positive environmental impact into a competitive advantage in the new economy.
  • How to build your network and land exciting new opportunities in urban agriculture.
  • Farm Marketing — How to boost sales and profits using automation and customer research.
  • The 12 steps to becoming an urban or vertical farmer.
  • Legal considerations when setting up a farm / agtech business.
  • Why sunlight isn’t free and other insights from AeroFarms.
  • Closed loop technology and how to start growing your own food at home.
  • AVA, Urban futurism and the impacts of digitization on agriculture.
  • Top resources and recommendations for learning about urban agriculture and vertical farming.
  • How to pitch your vertical farming business to investors.
  • How to start small and scale up intentionally.
  • … and many more sessions to be announced.

The full speaker page is also available here.

evan bromfield vertical farming speaker

This summit will be 100% online, which means you can learn about these exciting topics and connect with the speakers from anywhere you can get a connection.

Remember, the summit streams for free from June 16-25th 2017 to reach as many people as possible.

Free forever would be good, but there are hosting fees etc. to pay for so the organizers are making it available afterwards for $47. It’s a great deal, and if you use my affiliate link I get a small kickback. No pressure to use that link, but if you like the content on the site, it’s a great way to say thank you for something you might be buying anyways.

Mostly I just wanted to let you know about the free opportunity, but I think I’ll be buying my access soon! See you there!

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