CoolFarm is a Cool Farm

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CoolFarm has designs on the urban farming market. By the end of this summer, its own in/store-branded units will be installed on the island of Madeira with the help of local operator Lucky Greens, which wants to grow high-quality food such as leafy salads, microgreens and herbs for local hotels and restaurants.

cool farm vertical farm

“This is the first urban, indoor and vertical farming project in Portugal capable of providing a suitable answer to consumers demands,” the company said on its blog. “Living vegetables will now be delivered keeping all the transparency, traceability, freshness, nutrition values and flavour possible.”


In/store is said to use 90 per cent less water than traditional agricultural practices and does not require pesticides or herbicides.

Interest in the idea of growing certain fruits, vegetables and herbs in self-contained, closed-loop systems has been increasing over the past couple of years, with an emerging cohort of companies offering so-called turnkey systems – in other words, a complete system ready to install and use – that promise to shorten the supply chain by a significant distance.

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