New Video Series on Plant and Light

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Friend of the site Farmer Tyler just released a great series of short videos on lighting for plants (all applicable to indoor vertical farms) and asked me to take a look. Short answer: it’s great.

Plant Light Video

My favorite is the one on UV light. Tyler starts out the video saying “When used incorrectly it can take the color right out of your crops. When used correctly it gives your crops a beautiful color. It can even increase flavor.”  UV light was suggested to our team at Rosemont Horticultural during our pitch competition as a way to even speed up maturity time. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up putting the time in to explore UV. This goes back to our philosophy that we’re a farm, not a research facility – our time and focus is on making money selling food, not fiddling for perfect optimization – but that’s ok because Tyler did!

UV is super interesting of course: you can shape the stature of plants, influence coloration and even use them for disease control. But he also has videos covering things like:

  • Far red light and what it can really do
  • Photoperiods
  • And of course the 3 fundamentals

Here’s the link to the series.

Check it out, learn a lot, and grow better plants! Like what Tyler has to say? One of my favorite interviews that came out of this website was with Tyler and growing rare and valuable crops – definitely worth a read as well.

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