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Urban vertical farming will be the foundation on which our food system continues
to evolve. Don’t get left behind.

Like many, I knew that there was more to my future than just a job. While studying international development and food security issues, I discovered vertical farming and realized how to truly make a difference.


What’s lacking for both aspiring and veteran vertical farmers is free access to analysis and case studies that explain the reality and the potential of vertical farming. I created the Urban Vertical Project to fill in that gap and encourage more people to think about reinventing our food system.

The Urban Vertical Project and the Pro Vertical Farm blog have grown faster than I could have hoped as I continue my research both on vertical farming and the food movement as a whole. Please explore our work on the blog and follow me on twitter for curated insight on vertical farming (seriously, I have the best twitter for people interested in vertical farming as part of a sustainable food system).


-Evan Bromfield

Evan Bromfield, clearly a plant charmer. Hydroponic aloe

Practicing my plant charming skills

Want to learn more? Join other professionals, researchers, and students on our list for access to the Urban Vertical Project’s original research and the most up-to-date alerts about innovation.

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Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Use the search feature at the top of the page and if you need some good places to start, look no further:

I’m an accomplished vertical farming professional and I want to help you take your ideas from concepts to reality. I will offer advice, point you in the right direction for research or show you where we’ve covered it before on the site. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

My projects?

Where have I been featured?

Exclusive Urban Vertical Project Interviews:

I’ve presented on the food movement and vertical farming at American University, Columbia University, CASA Future Harvest, and Rooting DC. If you’d like me to participate in your event, drop me a line on twitter or shoot me an email.

columbia presentation – Blog Directory

Fact: There will be 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050

Fact: 80% of those mouths will be in cities

Fact: 20% more land than is covered by Brazil will be needed to feed them using traditional

*IPCC data

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  3. Hi Evan – I write a blog for EDN on line magazine, would like to tie in with you re: vertical farming and LED lighting. Please email me? Thanks –

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