Vertical Succulent Gardens

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Succulents are one of the easiest plants to create a small-scale green wall with. I’ve pulled together some of the best info on succulents and some awesome DIY projects to get you started. I’ve seen a lot of professionals using similar designs on contracts for clients as well. There’s something for everyone!

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3 Principles of Permaculture Made Better by Vertical Farms

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“Permaculture is a philosophy of…protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor.”

—Bill Mollison

By now, I’ll have started my month in Chile on an organic, permaculture farm called CIHOL.  My hope is to work with CIHOL to find a way to reconcile the sterile perception of vertical farming with the holistic, resilient philosophy of permaculture design.

3 Principles of Permaculture

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Living Furniture: How the aquaponic table came to be

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Not many people can say that they turned a conversation from a furniture trade show and a failed Kickstarter into a beautiful symphony of aquaponics and interior design.

Some are giving it a try. “I want to use the nonverbal, but very communicative, power of design to inspire people to think differently about the food system,” says Dustin Betz, founder of Green Towers LLC.

green towers

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Breathe Better

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Would incorporating agriculture into a building improve indoor air quality? Efforts in India seem to say “Yes.”

Cities with air as heavily polluted as New Delhi (3x more polluted than hazy Beijing) are rare. Generally, better indoor air quality is achieved by ventilation systems that pump outside air inside.  But in these environments, it’s actually easier to clean the air inside.

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