Our Philosophy (and progress pictures)

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Rosemont is doing it right and we’re looking forward to the day when the rest of the world catches up.

That world is still stuck in the old paradigm of thoughtless consumerism. The original definition of consumer is “one who destroys, or expends by use; devours, spends wastefully.” We would need 7 more planet Earths if everyone consumed at the rate of an average American. Bringing the same idea closer to our food system, it has been estimated that the true social and environmental cost of a hamburger when the forest has been cleared to create pastureland for grazing cattle is two hundred dollars.

vertical farm philosophy

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Hydroponics Puzzle

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Anyone who has puzzled their hydroponics systems from a maze of reservoirs and pipes into existence has learned about water flow. Here’s a quick little brain teaser to put that knowledge to the test. I’ll put a bonus question at the bottom of this post too if this one is too easy, and a quick little summary of what we’ve been up to at Rosemont.

hydroponics puzzle

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