Why Vertical Farms Fail

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Check out this summary of a conversation from 3 failed vertical farmers talking about what they would do differently.

vertical farms fail

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Top 5 Books For Vertical Farming

Many of you have asked me how I started learning about vertical farming. Well, today I’m sharing five books that cover everything from entrepreneurship and the potential of vertical farming to space efficiency and nutrient management that will help you get started. Without a doubt, the knowledge in these books will put you on your way to owning your own vertical farm.
vertical farming books

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How Canada Became A Greenhouse Superpower

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It’s still more expensive to grow tomatoes this way compared with open fields.
But Dave Harrison, editor of Greenhouse Canada magazine, says greenhouse operators can charge more for their tomatoes because “greenhouse produce has always been seen as a premium product.”

Inside one of Mastronardi Produce Sunset Grown's greenhouses, tomato vines hang on lines that can be adjusted so that the tomatoes are always at a height that's convenient for harvesting.

Image and article from NPR