Aquaponics At Home [FAO Small-Medium Sized Aquaponics Guide]

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Wow, I wish I’d seen this free guide before I started my farm. Although I’m focusing on hydroponics not aquaponics, reading this would have saved me a lot of time on system design. Check it out.

small scale aquaponic food production

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The Easiest Way To Do Aquaponics in Your Living Room

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Aquaponics epitomizes the beauty of the closed loop production model, but it’s a little hard to get into. Here, Brian walks you through the easiest way to get up and running with decent yields from a DIY aquaponics system for your living room.

Easy home aquaponics

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Pop-Up Aquaponics In The Mall

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Check out this pop-up aquaponics farm in a shopping mall in the Netherlands by Stadsfarm.

pop up aquaponics in a mall stadfarm

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Update at The Plant

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The Plant is one of the greatest monuments to the circular economy that we have. It’s amazing and an article from Greenbiz gives us a much needed update:

“Fast forward to 2015. The Plant is home to a growing list of tenant businesses and thriving volunteer, education and farmer’s market programming led by the nonprofit.

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The First Certified Aquaponics Farm In Chicago: Does It Get Vertical?

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Going back through materials you saved over the past year is a bit of a New Year’s chore. But sometimes, you strike gold. Here is a great news story on Chicago’s first certified aquaponics producer.

Some things to note:

  • This project was associated with The Plant, an operation the Urban Vertical Project loves to cover.
  • Greens and Gills was taking advantage of all available space in their operation by growing on multiple levels – hinting at the potential coming fusion of aquaponics and vertical farming.
  • It took 2 whole years of research and $150,000 to get the project underway.
  • The business has since been put up for sale. While we have seen aquaponics work extremely well on a small scale and the sustainability potential for growing like this is huge, it does seem to reinforce the hypothesis that commercial aquaponic farms aren’t quite ready. They seem to last for even less time than commercial vertical hydroponic/aeroponic operations. That being said, if you know of a few large commercial aquaponics producers that have been around for more than 3 years, let me know in the comments!