How Vertical Farming Would Work In DC

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How Vertical Farming Would Work in DC

By: Evan Bromfield, Founder at the Urban Vertical Project

Vertical farming would grow as much food as possible, for as many people as possible, and as close to where they live as possible.

It’s a bright future, tinted green, and it would work wonders for DC. Sustainable DC, the city’s initiative to promote environmentally friendly urbanism, is already pushing us in the right direction. Laws like DC council members David Grosso’s and Mary Cheh’s Urban Agriculture and Food Security Act of 2014 are just the next logical tipping point.

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Vertical Farms on Earth Day

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It’s a rule, any tangentially green websites have to have new content on Earth Day.  Here’s mine.

  • What the District of Columbia has accomplished
  • Is Earth Day what it used to be? Does it matter?Happy

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How to fix the sustainability problem you didn’t know you had

Resilience for vertical farming

Sustainability stops the bleeding, but it does nothing to improve the human experience.

“The truth is,” says John Hansen, founder of the Paradigm Project, “you can have a sustainable dictatorship.”  In other words, you can maintain a bad situation indefinitely.  John is full of pithy quotes like these, and is probably more than a little responsible for the leading line of this story (my notes from our conversation were a bit fragmented at that point “Sustainable X blood — humanity”).

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