Unappreciated Advantages of Green Roofs

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While a cityscape’s concrete slabs and dirty sheet metal blanket what was once vegetative abundance, green roofs inspire nature to strike back. Nestled across the urban and suburban skyline, green roofs provide a real opportunity for production as well as a host of environmental benefits. Despite this, green roofs remain less appreciated than they should be. Let’s look at the:

  • Benefits of green roofs
  • Types of green roofs
  • Largest green roof in the United States
  • Green roof cost estimates

Green Roof Design

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Modular Moss Wall Generates Electricity

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A project came out of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia that I think you’ll like. The team there is working on using the byproducts of photosynthesis to generate electricity in what’s becoming known as “biophotovoltaics.”


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