Intake and Exhaust For Indoor Farming

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My contractor told me a fart fan was all I needed for exhaust for my farm. “Those fans only cost like $15!” he said. I was stoked. But, as I was walking through the aisle at Lowes with him and we got to the bathroom exhaust fans, I realized I was going to have to rethink.


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Famous New York Landmark Re-Imagined As Lofted Greenhouse

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The winners of an international competition to revive a decaying World’s Fair landmark have re-envisioned it as a garden lofted high above ground.

Architects Sarah Wan, 29, and Aidan Doyle, 34, both of Seattle, were awarded $3,000 for “Hanging Meadows,” their reimagining of the New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the open-air circular structure with futuristic towers originally designed by architect Philip Johnson for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

Seeing images like this remind me of what got me excited about vertical farming in the first place. The potential to turn cities into lush, productive environments through building integrated agriculture or even dedicated structures is tantalizing. While it may not be the most realistic structure in the world (a critique of that here), it certainly makes a statement.

Credit to original WSJ article for image and the opening paragraphs.

Vertical Farm Village

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It seems like we have another incident of designers failing to think things through. Or, at the very least, an article that was capped by a word count and unable to get all of the designers’ insight (which is much more forgivable!). At any rate, I hope this project doesn’t fail in the same ways this did because it just looks so cool. It’s an off-grid community that combines suburban thinking and technological advancements (like vertical hydroponics) with a rural lifestyle. Not sure how realistic this is, but it would be cool to see it work. Hopefully they at least took solar blocking into account…

The Vertical Village (1)

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Problems with vertical farm designs

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It’s no wonder vertical farmers get so much flack when faulty architectural designs are at the heart of the public’s perception of vertical farms. When architects aren’t farmers, some serious design flaws slip into their vertical farm concepts. Any serious reader of this blog could write this piece about most of the concept farms that seem to come out every week, but let’s tackle a few of the obvious flaws with this one.

when architects aren't farmers: problems with vertical farm design

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