Jobs in Ag Tech: Embedded Systems Engineer for AgTech startup

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First and foremost, happy New Year.

2016 is going to be an important one for vertical farming. Without giving too much away, we saw 2015 setting records for spending in agricultural startups and vertical farms putting down (up?) roots all over the country.

With such a strong foundation to start us off, the sky is the limit. But what if you’re just looking to get your feet wet? I came across this job posting some of you might be interested in. If so, good luck!


More info than you ever wanted to start your vertical farm

As part of our dedication to giving you more information about vertical farming than anywhere else on the web, here’s an absolutely MONSTROUS post. It’s like a free book about vertical farming, and if you want more just like it, sign up here.

Starting a vertical farm is a difficult but exciting proposition. Luckily JJ Reidy, CEO of the Urban Pastoral Collective, has helped us come up with a step-by-step approach to do just that. Why would such a talented social entrepreneur share his secrets? He just shrugged it off when I asked him about risks. “It’s about owning who I am; a cultivator.” With JJ’s insight, in this post we tackle:

  • The Rust Belt Hypothesis of Vertical Farming
  • His Step-By-Step Process for starting a vertical farm
  • Pursuing a passion
  • JJ’s number 1 tip for getting funding
  • BoxUp quick stats (financial info gold mine!)
  • Why craft beer competition is like vertical farming competition
  • Why a rooftop beats a warehouse

Step-by-Step Start Your Vertical Farm
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Future Tech Farm

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Brian Falther knows all about an unfulfilling career.  He was an engineer.  He worked on cars.  He was stuck in Michigan.  Then he read about vertical farming.

In this post:

  • Quadcopters taking your food
  • 360 degrees of growing
  • How much it costs to prototype vertical farm tech

Future (1)
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