Living Furniture: How the aquaponic table came to be

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Not many people can say that they turned a conversation from a furniture trade show and a failed Kickstarter into a beautiful symphony of aquaponics and interior design.

Some are giving it a try. “I want to use the nonverbal, but very communicative, power of design to inspire people to think differently about the food system,” says Dustin Betz, founder of Green Towers LLC.

green towers

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Let’s fix fertilizer runoff

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Let’s make this simple; conventional agriculture has big problems.  Vertical farming is here to make them better.

We talked about climate change, but here’s another one to think about.  This past summer 400,000 residents in Ohio and Michigan went without safe drinking water because of a toxic algae bloom in Lake Eerie.

Don't drink the Water
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Updates and Who I Am

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Thank you.  However you came to be here and whatever you are taking time from to read this, thank you.  I’ve had this website for a few months now and I’m really excited by how many people I’ve met through it and come to talk to.

Personal Post
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$269 million into 41 deals in agriculture and food startups

$269 million investment dollars have been pumped into ag and food startups just this year according to the Seattle Times.  In terms of investment dollars, in 5 years, ag-tech could be one of the best funded industries of all.

Where is that money coming from? “The food sector is wasteful and inefficient,” said Ali Partovi, a Bay Area investor with large stakes in sustainable agriculture startups. “Silicon Valley has a hubris that says, ‘That’s stupid. Let’s change it.’ ”

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