DIY Vertical Farm and Solar Shower

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This projected started when I stepped off the bus and wandered through a small town in central Chile for 3 hours before finally finding CIHOL.

In this post:

  • My favorite DIY vertical farm
  • “do-nothing farming”
  • project update

Best DIY Vertical Farming Project
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3 Principles of Permaculture Made Better by Vertical Farms

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“Permaculture is a philosophy of…protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor.”

—Bill Mollison

By now, I’ll have started my month in Chile on an organic, permaculture farm called CIHOL.  My hope is to work with CIHOL to find a way to reconcile the sterile perception of vertical farming with the holistic, resilient philosophy of permaculture design.

3 Principles of Permaculture

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